Used Luxury Car FAQ

December 20th, 2021 by

Used Luxury Car FAQ
Wondering what kind of red flags you should look out for when searching for a used luxury car? Fear not, we have your covered! We’ll go over some essentials that you should look out for when browsing used luxury SUV options. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a casual everyday commuter or you’re looking for a bold family hauler or versatile work vehicle, we’ll go over some essential things to look out for.

Should I have my Vehicle Scanned?
Yes, make sure to get your luxury sedan scanned to ensure all the sensors, computers, modules, and controllers and working properly. These can help determine things like your dashboard warning lights. Checking these can help shed light on many potential issues that could cost you later.

What kind of suspension should I look out for?
When it comes to buying a used luxury car, many models were built with an air suspension system. These systems area plagued with issues as they age poorly, leading to all sorts of pricey repairs. If you are set on a used vehicle that comes with an air suspension, see if you can add extended warranty coverage as a measure of protection.

Are modifications something to be concerned about? 
The long and short of it is: yes. Modifications can lead to all sorts of headaches later down the road. It’s best to keep things straightforward and avoid them altogether. No need to deal with unique custom repairs – just avoid, avoid, avoid.

Should I see my used vehicle in person before purchasing?
This is a big one, especially when you consider the rise of online auto sales vendors that make buying a new vehicle as easy as buying some candy from a vending machine. Do you due diligence and get your vehicle checked out by a mechanic that you trust! Cars are expensive, large investments, and as such, they require thorough consideration. Make sure to test out all the features in your potential used vehicle to ensure that it’s everything it’s supposed to be.

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