New Chevy High Country for Sale in Franklin, TN

High Country Trim Level Breakdown For Chevy Vehicles

Here at Walker Chevrolet in Franklin, TN we sell many upscale automobiles by Chevy. The Chevy trim levels matter because certain levels add a different layer of luxury. The High Country is a top-level luxury trim for multiple Chevy vehicles. We stock Chevy trucks and SUVs in this trim at our dealership in Franklin, TN and we encourage you to explore them!

Avialable High Country Chevrolet Models

Silverado 1500 High Country

When compared to the lower trim levels, the High Country trim for the Silverado is in a different class. In the cabin, it adds a digital information display, a navigation system, and a powerful seven-speaker audio system by Bose. Outside the cabin, the upgrades include a bolder grille and a stylish two-tone paint scheme.

Suburban High Country

The High Country trim for the Chevy Suburban provides luxury in a different way. It adds the following features:

  • A head-up display
  • A parking camera
  • A pedestrian alert system
  • A stylish grille

The Luxury package complements everything that's available with the Chevy Suburban High Country. It includes ventilation fronts seats, power-folding bucket seats, a wireless charging system, and a Bose audio system.

Other optional features are also available for the Chevy Suburban High Country and the lower trims. These features include:

  • A panoramic sunroof
  • A trailering package
  • A cruise control system
  • Air suspension

Tahoe High Country

The Premier trim equips the Tahoe with many luxury features, and the High Country adds to these features. Overall, the Tahoe's High Country additions mimic everything that's included with the Suburban High Country.

If you need a luxury family vehicle, we highly recommend a Chevy Tahoe High Country. This full-size SUV has a large luxurious cabin and ample room for passengers and cargo.

Traverse High Country

This vehicle's High Country Package adds a few completely different features. The highlights include:

  • Advanced automatic brakes
  • Trailering advancements
  • Power-folding seats

Visit Walker Chevrolet today to see one of these new trims in action and find your perfect new model.