New Chevy Diesel Trucks for Sale in Franklin, TN

Diesel Trucks for Sale at Walker Chevrolet in Franklin, TN

If you're shopping for a powerful pickup truck, you must consider each vehicle's engine specs. In terms of raw power, a turbocharged diesel engine is a practical choice because it's strong like a gas engine, but it's also efficient like a hybrid. Chevy makes two great pickup trucks that have a diesel engine, and they're available for sale right now at Walker Chevrolet!


Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado has a Duramax turbocharged diesel engine. This engine gets about 33 mpg, and it can generate up to 277 horsepower, which maximizes the Silverado truck's overall towing capacity.

In terms of towing power, the Duramax is slightly less powerful than Chevy's 6.2-liter EcoTec3 engine. The EcoTec3 can tow equipment that weighs up to 13,400 pounds, and the Duramax can move cargo that weighs up to 9,3000 pounds. If you're not going to operate a Silverado during commercial jobs, the Duramax diesel engine is a more practical engine option.

Four-wheel is available for the Silverado 1500, which is highly beneficial because this drivetrain system complements a diesel engine. Diesel power and four-wheel drive can help a pickup truck propel over sand, ice, or snow.

Chevy Colorado

The Duramax diesel engine with a turbo is also available for the Colorado. If you're trying to determine which truck better suits your needs, consider the Colorado's performance features. You may want to buy a Colorado instead of a Silverado if you're going to go on adventures regularly in off-road environments.

The Colorado is well-equipped for rugged areas because it has a solid suspension system, reasonable ground clearance, and great all-around off-road capabilities.

Another advantage is that a Colorado handles and steers well on the road and along trails. The key is its precision; when a driver spins the steering wheel, the response time is near-instant.

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