Why lease a car in Franklin, TN near Nashville, TN? You might be curious about whether it's the right option for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to leasing a truck rather than buying one, and a few might matter more than others as you choose. For most people, the primary drawback to leasing a is that they personally will not own it. However, it's significant to note that if your plan is to finance a car or truck, it's a comparable concept: You will not own it until it's paid off, the bank will. Not being the owner a vehicle is a significant negative for people who prefer to make changes to their Chevy trucks, with add-ons like spoilers or other accessories. If this makes no difference to you, then the benefits of leasing can be significant: You can save money on a new car with all the latest capabilities, and at the conclusion of the lease, you'll just turn it in for a new vehicle. Leasing a car or truck can be the perfect option for someone who would like to have new car for less money.


  • Upfront costs are lower as are month to month to month costs, which allows for a more expensive car
  • You won't own the car but if you like updating to a new car every few years this is irrelevant. There is also an option to buy the car at the end of the lease
  • You might qualify for a tax break if the car is used for business


  • More money is need upfront, and monthly payments are more expensive
  • You can eventually pay off the loan, which would get rid of a monthly payment
  • You could sell and trade it in whenever you would like
  • The cars value depreciates by as much as 11% the moment you drive it off the lot


In conclusion, leasing a car makes it easier to get a more expensive car for less money. Since you are only paying for the value of the car that you are actually driving, instead of buying and owning the entire value of the car. Whether you are interested in buying a Chevrolet or leasing a Chevrolet, Walker Chevrolet will be glad to provide you with payment examples for financing a car, to assist you in making this important decision.