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Schedule Chevrolet Service in Franklin, TN
Giving your Chevrolet vehicle the regular, professional service it deserves is an investment that pays off for Franklin drivers. Routine service keeps your vehicle performing efficiently and safely. It catches problems before they become expensive repairs, and it helps preserve resale value.
Your Chevrolet owner’s manual contains info about important maintenance your vehicle requires at various intervals. Intervals range from every six months to several years as your Chevy ages. Here’s a look at some of the basic to advanced services offered by the service team at our dealership near Nashville.
Oil Changes
Oil is critical to engine health and longevity. Your car’s oil performs several key functions within the engine. It keeps everything lubricated and operating smoothly. It also collects debris and particulate matter entering the vehicle via the air intake.
A clean, lubricated engine uses fuel more efficiently and performs better over its lifespan. We recommend an oil change every six months or 5,000 miles. It’s a quick process we can take care of while addressing other routine maintenance requirements, such as filter replacements and tire rotations.
Filter Replacements

Your Chevrolet has four main types of filters:

  • Air
  • Cabin
  • Oil
  • Fuel
Each filter performs the same function, catching dust, particulates, dirt, and debris. Each filter has a replacement schedule, and we suggest having filters replaced at least once annually. Our trained service techs can determine which filters need replacement.
Tire Rotations
As one of the most common types of vehicle service, tire rotations (or swapping) keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. During a rotation at our dealership, we switch the position of your car’s tires, helping expose each tire to more even wear. This step prevents one or two tires from becoming unevenly worn as you travel around Brentwood, TN.
The type of tire rotation your Chevy vehicle needs depends on its drivetrain: 4×4, all-wheel, rear-wheel, or front-wheel. The five main types of tire rotations include the:
Forward Cross
Rearward Cross
Brakes and Blades
The importance of brakes and blades can’t get overstated. These are the unsung yet all-important car parts that should get inspected frequently. Have your brakes inspected every six months or during a routine tire rotation at our dealership near Murfreesboro, TN.
During routine brake inspections, our service technicians can catch and fix any issues before they morph into costly replacements. Similarly, we check your wiper blades and gauge their fitness, replacing blades and topping off fluids as needed.
Higher-Level Service Offerings
The above services are quite common, easy, and quick to complete. We often bundle these services together with OEM parts coupons, so check our service specials often. In addition to filters, tires, and brakes, we specialize in tackling advanced Chevrolet maintenance, like:
New timing and serpentine belts
Shocks, struts
Spark plugs
Battery testing
Depending on the unique Chevrolet model you drive, long-term service intervals also call for the flushing of the following systems:
Transfer case
Cooling system
Leave the high-level service to us. Our factory-trained techs have intimate knowledge of Chevrolet vehicles, late-model and older. We repair and replace to factory standards, using only OEM parts.
Multi-Point Inspection
As a good service to have annually, the multi-point inspection is like your car’s annual physical. It only takes a few hours, and the result is a comprehensive report card about your vehicle’s overall health. It’s a great way to stay on top of exactly what’s happening beneath your car’s hood while you travel around Spring Hill, TN.
The inspection touches on nearly 200 points. We go over your Chevy, checking the exterior and interior. We scrutinize all the major and minor systems, assessing their performance.
Multi-point inspections are still quite affordable. Often, we combine the service with other services or offer special seasonal discounts. Either way, our local Chevrolet mechanics remain committed to giving your model the highest level of care possible. We hope to see you soon.